I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sarah Hornsby, an awesome myofunctional therapist, about SIBO and gut health! We took a deep dive into SIBO during my interview!

Here are the questions and topics that we cover:

What is SIBO? And how it effects digestion?

What is my SIBO story and how I figured out that I had it?

The two biggest mistakes I made when treating SIBO? (I see so many others making these same mistakes!)

How to diagnose SIBO?

What is the underlying root cause of most SIBO cases?

What is the Migrating Motor Complex and how does a deficiency in MMC function cause SIBO?

Why myofunctional issues like mouth breathing and improper tongue positioning could result in a weak vagus nerve and poor MMC function?

Why are so many people having gut problems these days?

How pesticides like glyphosate and GMOs can damage your gut?

How the large intestine plays a role in stimulating the MMC?

What is the connection between candida and SIBO?

What to consider when choosing a probiotic for SIBO?

What is the difference between leaky gut and SIBO?

Check out the interview below:

And please share with fellow SIBO sufferers!

  • Wow! Just wow. That was super helpful! My functional dr just diagnosed me and has me on the whole kit and caboodle to treat sibo. Sounds like I have the classic story. History of constipation and PPI use for years, antibiotics as a kid etc. I have just been getting more and more bloated the last few years, then going vegan got me sicker (eating tons of fodmaps and keep losing weight). Anyways, she did the breath test, GI map, and genetic testing. Turns out thyroid function is low, B12 and folate is low, and platelets are low too! I’m a PA and all this stuff still astounds me, everything is so related! Conventional medicine sucks and just does bandaids you know? Makes me so mad. You do a great job of explaining things, I’m very grateful for your help 🙂 just had to tell you. I’m making improving my MMC my top priority thanks to you. Hope I can kick this on the first round!

    • Wow!! You are already off to a great start in your SIBO treatment by focusing on the MMC. Most people neglect it entirely! Thyroid function should also be assessed in your case since that can also delay motility. You are also right that conventional medicine is not helpful at all for most SIBO cases. I’m glad you have found my site so helpful!! Best wishes and keep us updated on how everything goes!

  • Thank you for this! Could eating too much right before going to bed on a regular basis be a cause of issues with SIBO and the migrating motor complex? I’ve been doing this for years and am wondering if this could be one of the roots of my problem?

    • Hi Jen. It certainly could hinder MMC function before bed. I would try experimenting with at least a 3 hour gap between eating and bed time.