Are you sick and tired of dealing with your chronic gut problems? 

Have you tried restrictive diets to manage symptoms with little or no success?

Are you stressed out trying to figure out what diet is best for you?

Have you been dismissed by conventional doctors who tell you that your symptoms are in your head or that you just have a bad case of IBS?

Does your poor health prevent you from living your life to the fullest?


                                                   I am here to help!


I am a registered dietitian and health coach that is dedicated to helping clients with IBS and SIBO reach their full potential!


What makes me different than other practitioners?


1. I am root focused

IBS and SIBO are symptoms of a bigger issue. To determine the best diet and lifestyle treatments for gut symptoms you must first understand why you have these gut symptoms.

As a former business analyst, I love connecting dots and digging to the root of complex problems. I partner with my clients to help them find their root causes for IBS/SIBO so that we can determine the best treatment strategies. 

2. I don’t believe that restricting fiber will be effective at treating SIBO/IBS in the long run.

There are so many variations of diets (SCD, Low FODMAP, GAPS and the Fast Tract diet) that are being used to treat SIBO and IBS.

All of these diets restrict fermentable fibers in the gut, which starves gut bacteria. On the surface these diets make sense, if you have too much bad bacteria in the small intestine or even in the large intestine, starving them seems like a good idea.

These diets will often eliminate symptoms like gas and bloating in the short term by reducing fermentation in the gut.

But these diets fail to address the root cause of SIBO and IBS and therefore will fail in the long term. You must address the breakdowns in digestion and motility to prevent bacteria from overgrowing in the small intestines to have long term success.

In fact, staying on a restrictive diet for too long can negatively effect not only your gut but your health in general. I learned about these negative consequences the hard way.

These consequences include:

  • Depletion of good bacteria in the large intestines. These good gut bacteria keep the gut barrier strong and bacteria that also promote motility of food through the GI tract. Nutrient deficiencies develop because you start avoiding lots of food. 
  • Weight loss due to unintentional under eating. 
  • Hormone dysfunction due to low calorie and low carbohydrate intake which leads to thyroid hormone, cortisol and sex hormone imbalances. 
  • These diets are emotionally and physically stressful! Trying to pursue a perfect SIBO diet is exhausting.

These diets can consume your life and really crowd out hobbies, relationships, goals and passions. They are a huge investment requiring tons of time and energy to pull off with no payoff.


3. I want to partner with you to find the right diet that meets your individual needs.

What is the optimal diet for SIBO or IBS?

That depends! The optimal diet should be tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. They shouldn’t be based on an arbitrary list of yes and no foods!

My goal with SIBO and IBS patients is to help them find their personal sweet spot aimed at reducing symptoms and inflammation without unnecessary restrictions.

Everyone’s sweet spot is going to be different. What works for one person isn’t going to work for another. There is no magic bullet.

There are 6 key factors that determine the right diet for my clients:

  • It eliminates personal triggers
  • It eliminates inflammatory foods (mainly processed foods)
  • It ensures that you are well-nourished by optimizing digestion and absorption
  • It factors in your lifestyle
  • It factors in your genetics
  • It factors in your individual root cause

4. Diet is not my sole focus

While diet is an important part of SIBO healing, it is only one aspect of SIBO treatment. Diet should never be the sole focus.

Other critical pieces of the SIBO puzzle include:

  • Choosing the right antimicrobials
  • Balancing out the large intestines with probiotics and prebiotics
  • Addressing brain gut axis issues that may be slowing down motility and preventing optimal digestion
  • Lifestyle factors like sleep, physical activity and stress management
  • Supporting hormones
  • Enjoying yourself! Having fun and making time for play

A multifaceted treatment approach is necessary to address the root causes of your SIBO or IBS. I want to help you find the most effective formula to a healthy gut.


Are you ready break free from chronic gut problems to

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