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Break Free From Chronic GI issues!

Are you frustrated that your SIBO symptoms will not go away even with a strict diet and rounds of clearing? 

Do you desire the freedom of a life without chronic gut symptoms holding you back? 

Are you ready to take the next step toward long term SIBO relief?

I would have answered yes to all these questions when I hit rock bottom during my SIBO journey. I tried every diet and popular SIBO protocol with no relief! It took shifting my focus towards root cause approaches to find long term relief. It is my mission as a health coach and Registered Dietitian to help my clients break free from chronic SIBO. 

Imagine what it would be like to: 

  • To broaden your diet to include more foods that you have missed
  • To stop wasting money on every "magic" bullet diet or supplement that gets thrown your way
  • To have peace of mind and confidence in a root focused SIBO plan.
  • To spend less time and energy on diet perfection and more time on other root focused strategies
  • To have round the clock support from a SIBO specialist 
  • To feel confident that you won't relapse
  • To spend less time thinking about SIBO and more time getting back to your hobbies and passions

 All of this IS possible and I am here to show you how! 

What Sets Me Apart


I am root focused

The main reason that most popular SIBO protocols fails because root causes are not being addressed. SIBO develops due to a break down in digestion and motility. I love partnering with my clients to find and address their root causal issues. You can not beat SIBO long term unless root cause breakdowns  are corrected. Here are some of the root causes that I work on with my clients: 

  • Brain-gut Axis dysfunction
  • HPA axis dysfunction
  • Large Intestine Imbalances/Pathogens
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Low Stomach Acid
  • Liver/Gall Bladder issues
  • Environmental toxins 

I don't believe  restrictive diets work in the long run

Diets that "starve the SIBO" are popular options. These diets include the Low FODMAP diet, Biphasic Diet and SIBO Specific Diet. These diets may provide short term symptom relief, but they are not long term solutions. Many SIBO sufferers (myself included when I had SIBO) stay on these diets way too long and more problems can arise including: 

  • Depletion of good gut bugs causing more gut problems
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Weight loss
  • Food fears
  • Hormone dysfunction
  • Stressful to maintain
  • Generally feeling unwell

I help you find the diet that meets your needs!

There is no one perfect SIBO or IBS diet! Every SIBO sufferer has different needs, triggers, root causes and genetics. Instead of giving my clients a list of yes and no foods, I help my client tailor their diet to meet their own individual needs. My goal is to help my clients find a diet that reduces gut inflammation and symptoms without unnecessary restriction. I work with clients on these goals:

  • Ensure nutrient needs are met
  • Reintroduce new foods
  • Pinpoint triggers 
  • Increase nutrient density 
  • Increase foods that support gut function

Diet and Supplements are not my sole focus

Diet is a key part of healing the gut, but it can not be the only focus. Diet and supplement protocols should never be the sole focus. I have seen much better results from my clients who incorporate a multifaceted SIBO approach that touches on key lifestyle factors. Here are the other key areas I work on with my clients: 

  • Stress Management
  • Optimizing Movement
  • Repairing Circadian Rhythms
  • Sleep Optimization
  • Connection 
  • Finding pleasure and excitement 
  • Vagus Nerve Repair 


Laura Schoenfeld, MPH, RD

Registered Dietitian and Women's Health Expert

"When I was looking for a gut health expert to help teach my group coaching clients about how to optimize their gut health, I knew I could trust Amy to share evidence-based information that wouldn't preach restriction, food fears, and disordered behavior. I love that Amy encourages her clients and students how to nourish their bodies appropriately while still effectively working to eliminate complex gut dysfunction like SIBO and IBS. Amy looks at functional gut disorders with a "root cause" mindset, meaning she'll dig so much deeper into why the gut issue developed in the first place, rather than just focus on the issue itself. I am confident when I refer people to work with Amy that she will approach their case with the utmost care, compassion, and a willingness to investigate any angle that might help a person resolve their digestive concerns."

Jennifer Fugo

Clinical Nutritionist, Founder of and host of the Healthy Skin Show podcast

"From the moment I stumbled across Amy's work online, I was thoroughly impressed. She's a voice of reason, passionate about connecting the dots and explains complicated health and gut problems in a way that puts her clients at ease. Plus, she's been through her own journey to address her SIBO issues which is why she has so much empathy for her clients. If you're looking for help with gut issues like SIBO, Amy is a dedicated partner who will help you reach your goals.”

Working with Amy was a big turning point for me. I had been treating SIBO for so long that I didn’t even know where I was in the process anymore. She listened with true empathy, as she knows first hand the struggles of all things SIBO. She helped me work through my food fears and gave me so much scientifically backed advice on why and how to start broadening my diet.

She truly got me back on track with my healing and I felt like I finally had someone in my corner who understood what I was going through. Amy is incredibly intelligent, up to date on all current research, patient, open minded, gentle and encouraging. I highly recommend working with her if you’re feeling frustrated and lost in the complex process of gut healing!”

Michelle Laframboise

1 on 1 Client

I wish I would've found Amy years ago. She was quickly able to help get me on the right track with healing my gut issues related to SIBO. It was a breath of fresh air to talk with a health professional who really knew what steps to take to address my chronic constipation, gas and generally unhappy digestive system. Thank you Amy!”


1 on 1 client

I reached a stage where I was able to control my SIBO symptoms through anti-microbials. However, I was unable to get off of the anti-microbial cycle and start the gut recovery process effectively. I was stuck in this vicious cycle: wean off of anti-microbial while simultaneously adding Probiotics -> Start of SIBO symptoms -> Start anti-microbial -> SIBO symptoms gradually stops -> wean off of anti-microbial. I didn't know what to do next and how to proceed until I spoke with Amy.

Amy meticulously analyzed my situation and planned my next move. I was not only able to break the anti-microbial cycle successfully but also start the probiotics treatment and work towards gut recovery. Before I got in touch with Amy, I was taking close to 30 different supplements let alone the number of pills/tablets. After working with Amy, we were successfully able to narrow down to only those supplements that were truly required in the next phase of gut recovery. Currently, I'm down to 6 required supplements. Thanks to Amy - I'm able to eat a wide variety of food items now. Amy not only provides directions but also educates you at each step.”

Jay Naidu

1 on 1 Client

I was really struggling when I first started working with Amy. She understood my food fears and helped me learn to open up my diet. She also prescribed great supplements that I believed really healed my gut.”


1 on 1 client

I have been suffering with SIBO for over 10 years and have seen numerous doctors trying to get the accurate diagnosis and treatment.  It has taken me few years to know I have methane SIBO.  Once I knew, I spent a lot of time doing research online seeking the right SIBO practitioner to help me heal my SIBO.  After weighing the pros and cons among different SIBO practitioners I found online, I decided to work with Amy. 

So far, I have been working with Amy for several months conducting one on one private sessions.  She is very easy going, patient, empathetic, a good listener of my symptoms, very encouraging and especially good with tailoring her recommendations to my life style and needs.  I love her health questionnaire for new patients as it contains detailed information to help her understand my issues, goals and challenges to form valuable recommendations.  Amy is very responsive to my email requests, questions after appointments and scheduling requests.  She is professional, always prompt to appointments and seems to be very knowledgeable about different types of SIBO and the protocols needed to heal my specific type of SIBO. 

Frankly, I was concerned about her experience level initially given she is a young practitioner but wanted to give it a try given she met most of my criteria that I was seeking from a SIBO specialist.  Most important, Amy’s personal story and her journey with healing her own SIBO gave me the confidence that she has what it takes to help with frustrated patience like me.  I know she can relate to my challenges, pain and needs to heal once for all. 

Now, I am thrilled about my choice to work with Amy because I saw dramatic improvements on my most stubborn SIBO symptoms which were bloating and constipation only about 6-10 weeks after I implemented her recommendations from our initial session.  After reviewing my health history, reports and information I provided on the questionnaire, she gave recommendations targeting my biggest challenges and was able to resolve 70% of them after the first one on one session! 

I was extremely impressed with her recommendations!  I tried my best to implement them and was a very diligent patient following most of her recommendations!  I feel very encouraged to continue my journey to heal with Amy until I am symptom free!”


1 on 1 Client

I feel so much better! Amy has been such a positive force in my treatment and recovery. We have worked together to understand my microbiome and gut health. Through supplementation, both during and after antibiotics, I have a happier gut. I have gradually reintroduced fruits and vegetables that were previously off-limits, which has increased the nutrients my body tolerates and absorbs. While there are a few things I still can't consume yet, I am pleased to have many new nutritional choices. I can eat out and dine with friends again. This process has been educational and restorative. Amy is professional, knowledgeable, kind and approachable. I feel so much better thanks to Amy!”


1 on 1 client

Amy has been so wonderful to work with! I have struggled for years with my issues and I finally have been making progress. I highly highly recommend working with her!"


1 on 1 client

When I was diagnosed with SIBO, I finally had some answers to my health issues, but I also had more questions and concerns. My Integrative Medicine doctor recommended Amy and working with her has helped me to feel better, understand the causes and treatment for SIBO, and how to best avoid flare ups in the future. Amy was great at answering all my questions, which helped to alleviate my concerns. I recommend working with Amy for anyone who has SIBO or other similar gastrointestinal and health issues."


1 on 1 client

"Amy Hollenkamp has been a God-send for me. I decided to contact her soon after my return from the Bahamas for FMT SIBO treatment. She had beaten the SIBO beast herself and had FMT. I felt she would be a good fit because she had seen it all. She immediately became my go-to provider while I waited for other doctors to respond. After FMT, I was always in panic mode and she was just a phone call or quick email away.So whether it is a panic attack over a symptom, sound nutritional advice, or long term infection control - she has been with me through the healing process every step of the way. Always with a laugh, encouragement, and positive recommendations for healing. She's the best and I love her!"


1 on 1 client

“Amy has been so positive and reassuring in my recovery and is always so prompt at responding to questions. I truly feel like she cares and pays attention to the details.”


1 on 1 client

1 on 1 client

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Extensive Case Review

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10% off on Supplements

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