The Many Root Causes of SIBO (an info-graphic)


July 25, 2017 by Amy Hollenkamp

If you have read my blog in the past, you know that I am constantly trying to persuade fellow SIBO sufferers to search for the root cause of their SIBO! Obviously that can be easier said than done, but true healing can not take place without treating your root cause(s).

I have been playing around with how to present the various root causes of SIBO and I decided to push my creativity to its limits and make an infographic. Below is the result!! It’s not super fancy, but I think it gets the job done!

So, I basically lay out the major root causes of SIBO and the mechanisms behind each root that can lead to SIBO. I would also like to point out that the root causes are not mutually exclusive. You can have multiple root causes that need to be addressed.

It takes being a health detective to treat SIBO! I hope this infographic can help you narrow down what the possible root causes might be for you! I plan on making another one with solutions and treatment tips for each root cause, so stay tuned for that! Click here to like the Facebook page so that you don’t miss any new posts! You can click on the infographic to see a bigger version. Until next time!




11 thoughts on “The Many Root Causes of SIBO (an info-graphic)

  1. Courtney says:

    What are they??

    • Hi Courtney! The root causes are the 10 bubbles in the infographic. Let me know if you are confused about the graphic and I can try my best to walk you through my logic. Thanks!

  2. cynthia mason says:

    I had my thyroid removed completely about 30 years ago. Though I take oral L-thyroxine daily I wonder if that could be my root cause – thyroid function??? Your infographic is amazing. Thank you!

  3. Love it! I will share this post with my patients 🙂

  4. Ps. I believe that autoimmunity in and of itself can cause SIBO. I don’t think it’s been studied yet, but that seems to be the case. Here’s a recent post that got me thinking more about this-

  5. stonergluey says:

    This is wonderful for SIBO sleuthing, especially for visual learners. It’s great to be able to see everything laid out to definitely rule out certain root causes to be able to further hone in on what may cause one’s particular SIBO. I think over the years I’ve had several “types” of SIBO, but thinking on it further, it’s probably more accurate to say various factors have caused my numerous episodes of SIBO. Thank you for this!

  6. Mimi Hanna says:

    I have no real idea of what caused my SIBO but also had my Thyroid removed 30 or more years ago and do take a replacement..daily…also have my T3 checked yearly…Such an overwhelming thing to deal with…

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