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It was so nice chatting to you during our Discovery Call! I believe that I am a great fit to help you reach your gut goals. Below is an overview of what is included in my packages. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Initial Coaching Consultation:

The initial consult is a deep dive into your specific case. I will spend usually about 1-1.5 hours reviewing  your labs, food logs, symptom questionnaire and other relevant data prior to our appointment. This  thorough analysis helps me understand your specific case and pinpoint areas to explore so that we can  make the most efficient use of our time during the consult. Typically, the initial consult is 90 minutes  where we work together to pinpoint your specific root causes and map out an individualized strategy  to help you reach your health goals.  

What we will work on during consult:

  • Identifying root causes through my consult prep and our discussion
  • Supplement strategies for gut repair, hormonal issues & dietary repletion
  • Optimizing your diet to meet your needs while reducing inflammation and symptoms. I help  you ditch overly restrictive diets so that you don’t feel deprived or become malnourished
  • Addressing root causes with a multifaceted strategy. Here are the big root causes I address  when working with gut clients: brain-gut axis issues, hormone imbalances, food fears/dietary insufficiency, GI pathogens, large intestine imbalances/repair, digestive insufficiencies, stress  management, inadequate sleep/circadian rhythm repair, inadequate physical activity and blood  sugar instability 

Follow-Up Consultations:

Follow ups are shorter appointments that are 40-45 minutes long. These consults allow us to track progress, to build on your progress or to adjust when needed.  

What is Included in each Package:

  • Case review where I review labs, symptoms questionnaire and diet log
  • Access to my online program (SIBO Root Cause Repair Program content)
  • Email and secure chatting between sessions  
  • Detailed notes sent to you after each session
  • 10% off practitioner only supplements prescribed via Fullscript 
  • Access to GI testing  if these are needed  


# of sessions



3 Month Package

1 initial and 5 follow-ups


$600 monthly x3

6 Month Package

1 initial and 10 follow ups


$480 Monthly x6 

More info on packages:

  • You can add on sessions after packages are completed. The follow ups cost $250 per session  after you complete your packages. You can bundle 3 follow ups for $650
  • If you sign up for a package within 48 hours of your Discovery Call--you will receive $150 off the 3 Month Package or $200 off the off the 6 Month Package if you pay in full OR payment plans will decrease to $560 for the three month package and $450 for the 6 month package. 
  • I find that bi-weekly appts are usually best but there is some wiggle room to complete the packages as circumstances like travel or illness can postpone sessions. With that being said, the 3 month package expires 4 months from the date of the initial consult. And the 6 month package, expires 8 months from the date of the initial consult. 


If these package options are not a great fit, check out my SIBO Root Cause Repair Program. This program is an online program that lays out the 7 step process that I use to help my clients find long term SIBO relief! 

For more information to see if the program is a better fit, check out this link: 

What to expect from Amy:

  • I will always show up on time and be prepared for our appointments  
  • I will always look at the big picture and focus on root focused strategies
  • I will hold you accountable for the recommendations that we discuss in our calls
  • I will answer emails within 48 hours of when they are sent  

What Amy expects of her clients:

  • You are committed to the coaching progress
  • You will implement strategies presented to the best of your abilities
  • You will reach out for help/support when you need it
  • You will show up to all consults prepared and on time 
  • You will remain focused on long term goals versus quick fixes 

I look forward to helping you reach your gut goals!



“Amy helped me to understand the importance of rebuilding my good gut bacteria for a healthy microbiome vs. just killing which is naturally what I wanted to do when suffering from chronic SIBO symptoms for a long time. She was able to scientifically and logically talk me through getting past a low FODMAP diet by overcoming food fears and to help interpret all my test results as well as provide good recommendations for the right kind and amount of supplements and probiotics.

I feel so much better than I did a year ago! Amy is really relatable and knowledgeable and has made me feel more comfortable than any GI or Functional medicine practitioner. She shares awesome content that has taught me a lot. And from beauty products to mold to toe fungus, she’s always responded to my inquiries about ingredients and product recommendations, it’s amazing to have that lifeline!”


I reached a stage where I was able to control my SIBO symptoms through anti-microbials. However, I was unable to get off of the anti-microbial cycle and start the gut recovery process effectively.

I was stuck in this vicious cycle: wean off of anti-microbial while simultaneously adding Probiotics -> Start of SIBO symptoms -> Start anti-microbial -> SIBO symptoms gradually stops -> wean off of anti-microbial. I didn't know what to do next and how to proceed until I spoke with Amy.

Amy meticulously analyzed my situation and planned my next move. I was not only able to break the anti-microbial cycle successfully but also start the probiotics treatment and work towards gut recovery. Before I got in touch with Amy, I was taking close to 30 different supplements let alone the number of pills/tablets. After working with Amy, we were successfully able to narrow down to only those supplements that were truly required in the next phase of gut recovery. 

Currently, I'm down to 6 required supplements. Thanks to Amy - I'm able to eat a wide variety of food items now. Amy not only provides directions but also educates you at each step.


“Without Amy’s help I would not have the improved quality of life I have now. Day to day gut issues really had me down before I worked with her and now they are a much more manageable. On top of her helpfulness, she is an honest, lovely human being and a joy to work with!”


I have been suffering with SIBO for over 10 years and have seen numerous doctors trying to get the accurate diagnosis and treatment. It has taken me few years to know I have methane SIBO. Once I knew, I spent a lot of time doing research online seeking the right SIBO practitioner to help me heal my SIBO. After weighing the pros and cons among different SIBO practitioners I found online, I decided to work with Amy.

So far, I have been working with Amy for several months conducting one on one private sessions. She is very easy going, patient, empathetic, a good listener of my symptoms, very encouraging and especially good with tailoring her recommendations to my life style and needs. I love her health questionnaire for new patience as it contains detailed information to help her understand my issues, goals and challenges to form valuable recommendations.

Amy is very responsive to my email requests, questions I had post to appointments and scheduling requests. She is professional, always prompt to appointments and seems to be very knowledgeable about different types of SIBO and the protocols needed to heal my specific type of SIBO. Frankly, I was concerned about her experience level initially given she is a young practitioner but wanted to give it a try given she met most of my criteria that I was seeking from a SIBO specialist. Most important, Amy's personal story and her journey with healing her own SIBO gave me the confidence that she has what it takes to help with frustrated patients like me. I know she can relate to my challenges, pain and desire to heal once and for all.

Now, I am thrilled about my choice to work with Amy because I saw dramatic improvements on my most stubborn SIBO symptoms which were bloating and constipation only about 6-10 weeks after I implemented her recommendations from our initial session. After reviewing my health history, reports and information I provided on the questionnaire, she gave recommendations targeted my biggest challenges and was able to resolve 70% of them after the first one on one session! I was extremely impressed with her recommendations! I tried my best to implement them and was a very diligent patient following most of her recommendations! I feel very encouraged to continue my journey to heal with Amy until I am symptom free!


Working with Amy has been a true blessing! After months of feeling terrible and lost on what steps to take next, Amy was able to provide me with a personalized plan to get my body back to health. She is always positive, patient, and encouraging. She gives thorough instructions via email after each call which is so helpful and convenient. I am so thankful to have been able to work with Amy and highly recommend her to anyone.”


“I found Amy via her blog and thank goodness! She has been extremely helpful during my SIBO journey. I've received specialized insight for my unique case and, it should be noted, everyone really has a unique case even when we get an overarching SIBO diagnosis.

What works for one person may not work for another and Amy stresses this fact as she works to find solutions. I came to Amy confused, frustrated and depressed about my health situation. Amy helped me navigate through with insightful  information and options. I am grateful for her knowledge; this is not something I would have ever had the patience to learn on my own.”


“Amy was a life saver! She is extremely knowledgable on all things  "gut" related, the importance of a good, healthy diet,  and what foods can do for you-- not to you!  She is   wonderful, easy to talk to, and responds to any and all questions in a very timely manner!  Thank you, Amy!”


Amy is awesome to work with! She's super personable and really cares about your story and understands because she's experienced it herself! I love her minimalist approach on supplements and she truly helps you come up with a customized plan that works for you as an individual! I'd DEFINITELY recommend her to anyone suffering with chronic gut issues!


I started working with Amy to help improve my overall health, specifically gut health. I had been suffering with my gut health and other related issues for a number of years and had tried multiple approaches. After following her on instagram for a while, I felt her knowledge and experience would be well suited to help with the issues I’d been facing.

Since working with Amy there has been a noticeable improvement in my gut function and I always come away from our sessions feeling positive about future progress. After trying for so long to fix these issues on my own, it’s great to have someone with Amy’s knowledge to help steer me in the right direction!


Amy has been so wonderful to work with! I have struggled for years with my issues and I finally have been making progress. I highly highly recommend working with her!


Working with Amy, I was able to regain a sense of empowerment and control over my health and life that was taken away from me when I was originally diagnosed with SIBO. Now, I feel confident that I have the tools and knowledge I need to maintain a healthy gut and overall level of nutrition. I have a renewed confidence in my own power and control over my health!

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