SIBO Sleuthing Infographic: The symptoms and testing that can help you find your root cause(s)!


August 1, 2017 by Amy Hollenkamp

Last week, I uploaded my root cause infographic and it seemed like you guys liked that format! So, I decided to do another infographic! Yay for artsy SIBO content!

In this infographic, I wanted to give you a list of the most common symptoms for each root cause. I could not include all the symptoms. There are just too many to list on an infographic. But, I think I listed enough of the most common symptoms to give you an idea if you need to dig further into a particular root cause.

As I have mentioned before, these root causes are not mutually exclusive and they often play on each other. When looking at the infographic, you will notice that some of the root causes have similar signs and symptoms. Working with a practitioner who can conduct and interpret some more conclusive diagnostic testing can be helpful when your symptoms fall into numerous root cause categories.

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Here is a link to the infographic! You can also click on the pictures below to go to the blown up version (where you can click on the links to some of the tests). Enjoy!

PICTURE 1Picture 2.PNG


8 thoughts on “SIBO Sleuthing Infographic: The symptoms and testing that can help you find your root cause(s)!

  1. patriknn1 says:

    Thank you! Great blog! 😀👍 / Patrik


  2. Linda Payne says:

    Hi Amy,
    Thank you so much for your latest post. Very helpful and easy to follow.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for that.. I’m knd of guessing that if you have low thyroid or HPA axis issues this would effect your stomach acid production and your digestion of fats and things.. I was thinking about doing a dutch test this am and most of my marker are in that area so this kind of confirmed that’s the avenue to go down.. I do have some for liver inflammation too but I think if I get hormones sorted the rest will tighten up at least to some degree..

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  4. ali says:

    my symptoms are : Intestinal gas (Fart) after any meal . mostly carbs ( fiber,bread,potato,mashrooms..corn…) beans and dairy – Tired Feeling -Diarhhea –
    Undigested stool and incomplete evacuation

    what do you think????
    my stool test is normal
    may thyroid and blood suger test is normal

    and my symptoms go away whit takeing antibiotic!! or much better…

    my symptoms much much better with take a probiotic contain inulin!!!!! ( now brand )

    there is not sibo test in my country…and all doctors seid to me that i have IBS !!!

    what can i do????


    • Hi Ali, I would look into working with a practitioner to try to figure out your root cause. It seems like you are already doing a good job digging at the potential causes, but a good practitioner can really help you sort through your particular case. I think focusing on the brain-gut axis and taking steps to support digestion might be good next steps to try. Thanks for reading!


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